Version 1

The first version of the BeRecruited homepage. The goal of this design was to emphasize how many athletes are registered with BeRecruited along with some success stories of actual users that committed to play sports in college because of the BeRecruited service. 



Version 2

As time went on, we realized that the first version of the homepage had no information as to what BeRecruited was and what you got when a student athlete registered with BeRecruited. We wanted to highlight some of the features that the service offered as well as the testimonials and top viewed athletes of each sport. High school athletes are very competitive and we found that many of them wanted to see how they stacked up against their competition. 



Version 3

The third version of the homepage was a departure from the previous concepts. This version was implemented to increase the conversion rate of registrations. Our goals with this page was to open up the funnel and let in as many athletes as possible with the lease amount of friction. By placing the registration form directly on the homepage, we allowed the user to sign up for a free profile without the extra clicks. We also added a button that allowed the users to browse athletes and colleges that were registered with BeRecruited so they could get a sense of what the service offered.